ICBC Active Rehab

Active Rehab Specialists

Our team is certified by Canada’s top surgeons and Institutes. We offer an intensive one-on-one Active Rehab program focused on core stability, strengthening, stretching, and cardio training to assist in optimal recovery following diverse conditions such as sports injuries, car accidents (ICBC), whiplash, concussions and post-surgical rehab.

How Active Rehab & Kinesiology can help you in all phases of injury

Phase 1

Symptom management- in most cases you need to get moving. Our kinesiologists will provide you with education on your injury, stretches, strengthening exercises, and a light massage with every treatment.

Phase 2

Strengthening- Evidence based strengthening programs tailored to you. Our Kinesiologists will meet you at one of our partner facilities near you, and monitor your progress throughout your recovery period.

Phase 3

Return to normal function- Our end goal is to have you return completely to normal function with minimal to no pain. We will continue to support you throughout your active rehab process to ensure you feel confident to complete your daily tasks pain free.

Your ICBC coverage

You are automatically approved for 12 active rehab sessions after an accident; regardless of fault. All you need to do is complete the form below with your name and phone number and we will get you started right away. The cost of the program is completely covered with no hidden fees. If it is an old accident, you don't need to worry, we will seek approval on your behalf.

Aquatic Therapy (ICBC/PRIVATE)

Water provides buoyancy. Therapeutic exercise in water can help you move. At the same time, it decreases impact and therefore lowers chances of further injury or pain. The water provides resistance and as a result can help you strengthen your muscles and reduce impact on your joints. This treatment is great for post-surgery rehab, chronic pain, and back pain.

Our Clients Love Us

Our passion is to make a difference. Luckily, our clients love what we do! Positive reviews from clients and patients like you help others to feel confident about choosing us. We would love it if you could take a minute to share your experience with us.

Jasmine Carter

Absolutely amazing service. After my double car accident in 2019 Aghar has helped me get back to my best self....

Ibrahim Al-Iadah

I went hiking in the beginning of the summer and somehow I hurt my knee. I wasn’t able to hike anymore until...

M Azarbar

Aghar is great and he cares about his patients. He provides exercises that fit in a busy schedule. He helped m...

Ian Orpilla

Aghar is excellent, always worked on areas needed and if mobility was an issue, he addressed it as well so you...

Ammar Alabdalla

Anatomy Pro are the best experienced professionals out there. Had a knee injury and Aghar provided great treat...